06 May 2020

Tomorrow, 100 staff at The Brodribb Home will dig into a delicious and nutritious lunch, delivered by business-community initiative Superfood for Superheroes. The lunch packages, accompanied with a personalised message of thanks from a local business, are a token of appreciation for aged care workers providing care and company to our elderly amid COVID-19.

Founder of the Superfood for Superheroes initiative, a former nurse and Director of Superannuation Advice Australia, Noel Shephard, claims that our front line aged-care workers are doing an excellent job and a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way to reinforcing their efforts at a time like this.

“Our elderly are at the forefront of our thoughts day-in and day-out, but so too are the care staff that are ensuring their safety and health throughout this crisis. Those caring for the most vulnerable in our community are providing critical service and if sending a simple token of thanks offers a moment of reprieve and puts a smile on a few deserving faces, then it’s been a good day as far as I am concerned,” said Shephard.

Aged care quality experts, MOA Benchmarking, are the first business to donate to the Superfood for Superheroes aged care campaign. Managing Director Steve Collier expressed how pleased he and his team were to be involved in shining a spotlight on resilient aged care workers.

“The team and I work closely with hundreds of aged care heroes each week. Now, more than ever, we know the difference that their often-selfless efforts make to the lives of older Australians. We just hope our support provides a small token of the gratitude and appreciation we all feel for the tireless work aged care workers are doing in these most uncertain of times”, said Collier.

The Superfood for Superheroes initiative kicked off last month and has successfully delivered over 1000 gourmet ‘thank you’ meals to frontline workers across South East Queensland.

“From doctors, nurses and paramedics to the dispatch teams, security networks and cleaning units that support them… these people are just that; real people with lives away from their essential work. At the moment, these guys are coping with a huge added pressure on top of their day jobs. A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way to fueling resilience and positivity in the face of the unknown,” said Shephard.

Those behind the initiative are calling corporates to arms to fund further messages of reinforcement. Superfood for Superheroes is calling on businesses from far and wide to join in by donating funds via ‘Go Fund Me’, with 100% of the funds going to food, provided at cost price. Along with their donation, they will be allowed to craft a personal thank you that will be printed onto the labels of each of the meals that they fund. Businesses can pledge their support to our frontline heroes by visiting www.superfoodforsuperheroes.com.au.