SPOT is our latest offering that provides the ability to conduct spot check audits on demand. However, this new module extends the investigatory abilities of our partner providers and empowers their quality programs with a higher level of confidence by being a step-ahead of accreditation and formal assessments. SPOT offers the ideal complement to our continuously updated suite of self-assessment tools aligned to the Standards.

SPOT has been co-designed with leading Australian partner providers over the past 12 months. This new module allows your organisation to access and schedule self-assessment tools on demand. You can also have us add or customise self-assessment tools into SPOT to complement your annual schedule of quality tools.

Additionally, you can control the visibility of quality tools scheduled through SPOT. Depending on the circumstances, you might prefer these tools to be available for your team to complete collaboratively, in the same way as your structured MOA program. Alternatively, you might limit this access to key staff or external stakeholders who are evaluating performance against, or ahead of:

  • Accreditation against the Standards or Assessor findings (such as mock assessment visits)
  • Verification that the self-assessment and broader quality program is being operated at peak efficiency
  • Investigations into areas of interest, incidents, or feedback and complaints

For example, Sally is the quality manager for 10 services. It is expected that at least one of her homes can expect an accreditation visit soon. Sally visits the home to conduct an ad-hoc observational audit through SPOT. These tools are accessible to those with exclusive access to SPOT however once complete the home will be able to access their report and action any findings.

SPOT is currently in BETA and we are seeking providers to evaluate this new module at no cost in return for providing valuable feedback. Please contact the MOA Team to have us upload your spot-check tools and enable testing of the new module.