In partnership, we empower Retirement Living operators to:

MOA Benchmarking  provides a tailored online system for continuous quality improvement. Improve outcomes for stakeholders, enhance reputation and add value through innovation and providing your clients the best possible experience within your community.

Connect your team to collaborate for quality. Follow our program or have us build yours. Our expert-backed system will present you with a holistic view of your service’s quality and performance.

How MOA works

Our monthly program comprises a range of connected data collection tools. In a time of unprecedented change, operate under the assurance that your tools are continuously reviewed by our content specialists.

Following our audit program facilitates a structured approach to exceeding the expectations of the IRCAS and Lifemark standards. Fulfill your legislative and regulatory obligations while aligning with accepted better practices.

Ensure your community is client-driven. Who better to ask than those within your care? Use our online satisfaction surveys to garner the feedback of residents and your team.

Evaluate the impact of your systems, processes and strategies on your residents and operational performance. Select key outcomes to monitor through the most comprehensive library of quality and performance indicators available.

Real-time reporting

Act on your results as soon as your data is entered. Our easy to interpret reports flag potential risk and help your prioritise opportunities for improvement.

Better yet, compare with your own historical performance and against like peers using statistically robust benchmarks. Monitor trends and pinpoint your position in the market.

Take an evidence based approach to promoting your service’s achievement as you integrate your results with your marketing strategy.

Plan for Continuous Improvement

Integrate the results of your tools with a cloud based Continuous Improvement Management module. Convert the opportunities to improve your reports or stakeholders have identified into live and documented plans to improve. Collaboratively prioritise and progress your improvement plans while keeping those that need to know informed at every step.

Instantly generate your custom-branded Plan for Continuous Improvement or build your own management reporting.