The next quarterly submission for the National Aged Care Mandatory Quality Indicator Program (NACMQIP) is fast approaching. This quarter, residential aged care providers will be required to submit quality indicator data for the updated three existing indicators, Pressure Injuries, Physical Restraint and Unplanned weight loss, as well as for two new quality indicators, Medication Management and Falls and Major Injury.

To capture the entire three-month assessment period, the collection date for Falls and Major Injury must take place in the 21 days after the end of the quarter i.e., the first three weeks of October. Services will be required to identify the number of residents assessed, the number of residents who experienced one or more falls and of these, the number of residents who experienced one or more falls resulting in major injury. Services will also need to identify the number of residents who were excluded, due to being absent from the service for the entire quarter.

To allow for sufficient and thorough data quality and validity checks, if your service is submitting NACMQIP data via MOA, it is strongly recommended that the review for Falls and Major Injury be conducted by the 9th of October.

With the introduction of two new quality indicators, to enact enhancements in the data upload process, the Department of Health has also requested services to have finalised their data in MOA by 19 October. Whilst most services have been able to finalise their data by this time, we realise this may not be possible for everyone. For any service that is unable to meet the 19 October deadline, MOA will run conduct another upload to My Aged Care on 20 October. Please note that MOA will not be able to submit your organisation’s data if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

Please contact us to discuss the benefits of partnering with MOA for NACMQIP support and your options.