MOA Benchmarking empowers NDIS providers with a complete and customisable online platform to meet and exceed their regulatory requirements and continuously improve support quality. By completing an annual program of monthly quality tools, your service will be able to demonstrate compliance with the National Disability Insurance Act 2013, the Rules enforced under the Act, and the NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators.

One of the principal objectives of the Act is to ‘promote the provision of high quality and innovative supports that enable people with disability to maximise independent lifestyles and full inclusion in the mainstream community’ (Australian Government, 2013). Toward this end, all certified NDIS providers are required to implement a quality management system that maintains and improves operational management and support quality, with the intent of providing the best possible experience and outcomes for participants, staff and the governing body. Organisations are also required to implement a program of internal audits, such as that provided through the MOA system.

MOA works with our partner NDIS providers to tailor a program of continuously updated quality management tools, based on the Core and Supplementary modules of the Practice Standards, that are relevant to their service types and participant needs. Additionally, MOA provides free COVID-19 preparedness tools to all providers that are immediately updated when there are changes to restrictions or health guidelines. Your program can also be completely customised, right through to having us upload your own tools.

Audits can be completed digitally and collaboratively, and real-time benchmarked reporting identifies how your service is performing relative to your previous results and those of similar peers. Report flags, along with supporting information such as participant, representative and staff feedback, can then be seamlessly pushed to an online Continuous Improvement Plan for actioning by relevant members of your team.

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