Effective feedback and complaints management is a key feature of the NDIS regulatory framework, and to providing high quality supports and facilitating continuous improvement, with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Procedural Fairness) Guidelines 2018 emphasising that:

Complaints can play an important role in strengthening the NDIS and driving improvements in the quality of NDIS supports and services. Complaints can highlight weaknesses in service provision, unmet expectations and misunderstandings. A person’s right to complain is also important to ensure that possible problems in NDIS service provision are identified and addressed at the earliest opportunity.

MOA’s partner providers are able to self-assess their performance in this crucial area during November through completion of audit D04: Feedback and Complaints, looking at areas such as:

  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Workforce roles, knowledge and practice
  • Participant engagement in the complaints management process

Also this month, those who provide Specialist Disability Accommodation are scheduled to review their property enrolment and management policies and practices through completion of audit E5.3: Tenancy Management and Enrolment of SDA properties.

Download NDIS Schedule 

November’s tools for the standard MOA program are now available. Please refer to your organisation’s schedule if you are running on a custom schedule.

  • D04: Feedback and Complaints
  • E5.3: Tenancy Management and Enrolment of SDA properties