As always, MOA has immediately adapted its suite of tools in response to changes made to the NDIS Practice Standards and best practice guidance, helping you to ensure ongoing compliance and the delivery of the highest quality supports.

Our standard audits for December were updated prior to release, while 2022 will also see the introduction of several new core tools for our partner providers, including:

  • D16: Oral health
  • D17: Disaster and emergency management
  • D18: Infection prevention and control
  • D19: Mealtime Management
Are you providing Severe Dysphagia Management for your participants?

MOA tools related to supplementary NDIS modules are displayed in your schedule based on your registration groups. Please contact us to update your service profile if you will be requiring access to our new supplementary audit, E1.4: Severe Dysphagia Management, in 2022.