Being ahead of the curve: Improving quality of care in Homes across New Zealand

MOA Benchmarking and Care-Metric are proud to announce their new partnership supporting continuous quality improvement in Rest Homes across New Zealand. Their work together is focused on helping homes maintain compliance with the Standards while also building best practice behaviours and procedures.

MOA Benchmarking is increasingly being adopted by aged care providers as a completely customisable online quality and risk management platform that facilitates compliance with the Standards, and quality improvement initiatives. A key feature of the program is real-time comparisons with individual past performance, benchmarked against other comparable homes through MOA’s statistically robust system. MOA Benchmarking and Care-Metric are working to increasingly deliver these quality services for New Zealand homes and their elders.


Dr Jan Weststrate, Director of Care-Metric, has over 40 years nursing experience and is a renowned expert in quality improvement in health care. Under their leadership, Care-Metric have built a reputation in offering ‘hands-on’ solutions centred on measuring and analysing strategic improvement in healthcare settings.

After meeting at a NZACA conference, Dr Westrate immediately noticed the gap that MOA Benchmarking filled for many Rest Homes, and the synergies between our two platforms. Since then, MOA Benchmarking and Care-Metric have been working in tandem to strengthen their joint offering to homes, further improving the overall end-to-end solution. For more information about the partnership or their work, simply access the Care-Metric or MOA Benchmarking websites.


Register for the free webinar

Subscribing to MOA Benchmarking provides a cost-effective solution to quality management and continuous improvement. The collaborative system can also be made available to an unlimited number of staff within hours of signup, with tiered reporting options tailored to your management structure. We offer free online training and support, and, for those who prefer a hands-on approach, Care-Metric provide in-person demonstrations on implementing the program in your organisation and making the best use of your benchmarked reports.

If you would like to find out more about the platform, MOA and Care-Metric invite you to one of our free upcoming webinars. (if you can’t make it, register to receive a recording). Alternatively, simply contact MOA Benchmarking at to make arrangements that best suit you.