MOA supports a diverse range of health care services to stay ahead of accreditation and continuously improve safety, quality and the patient experience. Monthly audits and surveys aligned to the National Safety Quality and Health Standards (NSQHS) support homes to maintain compliance and achieve excellence in care. Audits are reviewed and updated annually by MOA’s dedicated content team and industry experts. Our scheduled suite of tools are complimented by SPOT, an on-demand auditing and reporting module that facilitates peer review and the prompt identification of risks and gaps in care delivery. Many health providers also take advantage of the MOA platform for it’s added ability to collect and report on the quality and performance indicators important to their service.

Audits, surveys and indicators are used to identify and automatically transfer opportunities for improvement to our cloud-based Continuous Improvement Plan. Service personnel can then collaborate within their teams to plan, prioritise, and progress improvement initiatives through to successful completion. CI plans become living, breathing documents ready to be shared with assessors and stakeholders in real-time.

From tools, benchmarked reporting and improvement planning software, every component of MOA is completely customisable. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts are trusted by many of Australia’s leading care providers and are excited to help your health care service reach it’s full potential. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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