As the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to impact us all, statistics show that the virus poses the greatest risk of adverse outcomes to the elderly, those with underlying health problems and compromised immune systems.

Given our partnership with thousands of aged, disability and retirement living providers across Australia and New Zealand, we have written and released free comprehensive self-assessment tools available for all providers to help assess their readiness for COVID-19 and how consumers and their relative’s satisfaction with how services are managing through COVID-19.

Given the seriousness of the threat, we feel we have a social responsibility to invite all providers to access the COVID-19 tools at no cost. 

The following video demonstrates how your service can access and use the preparedness tool.


Select your country and complete the sign-up form to gain free access to the COVID-19 preparedness tool.


New Zealand

Importantly, like all of our quality tools, the COVID-19 preparedness tool is continuously updated as Governments announce new control measures and bodies such as the World Heath Organisation change infection control guidelines almost daily.

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