DASH provides interactive web-reporting that allows our partner providers to drill down from individual summaries of performance for each Standard through to the contributing tools, responses and data. Receive real-time insights as you deep dive from your Standard-by-Standard summary dashboard to the insights that matter most for driving quality improvement in your service.

How does DASH work?

Behind the scenes, every question in every MOA audit tool has primary and secondary links across the Standards. The new reporting dashboard will present summaries of your service’s performance for each Standard based on responses contributed from relevant tools and questions over the past year. As with all MOA tools, you can also compare your results against those of like peers through our robust benchmarks.

Dive deeper with DASH

Instantly drill down from Standard-level summaries to the contributing responses and flags. Get rapid insights and quickly identify your service’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Links across Standards aren’t weighted equally. Identify how heavily each tool is weighted in contributing to your overall scores.

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