The MOA Benchmarking team continues to support our partner providers and the wider sector in managing the COVID-19 threat, particularly as outbreaks of the delta variant continue to spread. A key challenge is keeping up with changes to the requirements and restrictions as the situation continues to unfold.  


Since the beginning of the pandemic, MOA has been providing access to free COVID-19 preparedness and response tools. These are continuously updated in line with the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Information and Guidance, so that if there is an outbreak you can be confident that you are assessing against the most recent guidelines and restrictions.  


The COVID-19 Infection Control Spot Check for New Zealand Rest Homes has been updated to reflect requirements under COVID-19 Alert Levels 1, 2 and 3, depending on the circumstances of each rest home. Given the threat that new COVID-19 variants pose to our partner providers and those in their care, we invite all providers to access the COVID-19 tools at no cost. 


This tool sits within our broader quality improvement and benchmarking program. Aged care has been one of the sectors most impacted by the pandemic while simultaneously being scrutinised for the quality and safety of care delivered.  


We’re fortunate to have built many long-term relationships with New Zealand Rest Homes. We support and speak with their teams every day and empathise with their challenge in keeping up with the changes while continuing to deliver the highest quality care and support amid concerns relating to the health and well-being of themselves and their families.  


We know that mitigating the threat of COVID while maintaining compliance and continuously improving quality is challenging. We are here and ready to help if your organisation needs support overcoming such challenges. Feel free to contact our team at any stage.  


To access our free COVID-19 tools, or find out more, please provide your details below.


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