Our comprehensive audit program is designed to streamline compliance and promote best practice within your service.

The annual program is designed to cover off the relevant standards through scheduled monthly audits. Auditing schedules can be completely tailored for each individual service, region or program type. Audit tools can be customised to the extent of each individual question.

Each audit will cover a specific topic and may comprise several parts including :

Structure and policies

These questions specifically examine policy and service requirements under the relevant standards. This helps to streamline compliance and identify potential gaps in your service’s approach or policies.

Reflective questions

Reflective questions ask staff to consider their level of confidence in the service meeting specific requirements under the legislation.

Staff practice

These small sample audits examine process of care. For example, the auditor may be required to review a sample of care plans to ensure that the process of care has been delivered in accordance with the plan or relevant legislative requirements.


Interview questions require the auditor to select a sample of appropriate staff to gauge their understanding of the service’s policies, procedures and underpinning legislative requirements.   Answers are not prescriptive but rather require the member to demonstrate appropriate knowledge.

Staff pulse

These short form surveys can be emailed to staff to complete online from their phones, tablets or computers. The questions measure their views on the service’s readiness and support for their workforce in meeting their requirements.

Consumer pulse

These short form surveys ask consumers about their experience in relation to the requirements.

Surveys can be distributed via email links, printed and entered, or a combination of the two