As part of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s (ACQSC) process for accreditation under the new Aged Care Quality Standards (ACQS), a standardised set of seven questions are asked of each provider.
MOA supports our partner providers with the tools, and reporting, to provide the evidence required to answer each of these 7 questions on demand.
Assessable Questions Applicabale MOA Tool
1. Have there been any adverse findings by another regulatory agency or oversight body in the last 12 months?  (e.g. Healthcare complaints commission or similar, Food safety authority, Workcover, etc). PCI Manager

  • Interventions and improvements logged.
2. What trends do your complaints data show? Quality Indicators

  • Number of complaints received.


  • Feedback and complaints.
3. How many consumers are receiving pressure injury care? Quality Indicators

  • Number of pressure injuries developed in this service.
  • Number of pressure injuries on admission.
  • Number of pressure injuries on return from other services.
4. Have there been any medication incidents in the past 6 months where a consumer required hospitalisation or attention by a medical officer? Quality Indicators

  • Medication incident indicators.
  • Unplanned transfers to hospital.
5. How many consumers have had falls and required medical attention in the past 3 months? Quality Indicators

  • Observed falls with injury.
  • Found on floor with injury, unobserved.
6. How many consumers at the service are currently receiving psychotropic medications? (To be captured as a rate or percent of total consumers at the service.) How many consumers are restrained in order to manage risks to themselves or others at the service? (To be captured as a rate or percent of total consumers at the service.) Quality Indicators

  • Physical restraint.
  • Chemical restraint.
7. Can you tell me about incidents in the past 6 months where a consumer or staff member has required medical attention as a result of challenging behaviour from a consumer? Quality Indicators

  • Care recipient aggressive incidents toward staff.
8. What action has the service taken to assess and minimise infection-related risks for the care of aged care consumers including the impact of a potential coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak? Audits

  • Infection Control Spot Check – COVID-19
  • Care-Stream specific COVID-19 audits

PCI Manager

  • Interventions and improvements logged.
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