Australia has introduced revised retirement community legislation with the broad aim to increase transparency for residents, reduce red tape, minimise ‘surprise’ costs, and clarify and standardise the exit entitlement process. Retirement communities must have appropriate systems and processes in place to ensure continued compliance with legislation and industry standards.


MOA’s dedicated content team has developed a specific Retirement program to assess all aspects covered by the Australia Retirement Village Accreditation Standards (ARVAS) and the Retirement Living Code of Conduct. Our tools are continuously updated to reflect current advice, data, and best practice guidelines. Spread out across a series of audits, surveys, optional tools, and a monthly quality indicator program, MOA’s Retirement program aims to assist communities to assess and improve upon existing policies and processes. Using our PCI manager, communities can convert opportunities to improve highlighted in reports or from stakeholder feedback, into a live, systematic, and documented plan for continuous improvement.